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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Is This What They Mean By 'Senior Orientation'?

PROFETTE: Career services have these tests that can tell you a lot of things! Like, 'You should be a longshoreman.'

PROFETTE: To find a job, you have to start looking around.

PROFETTE: You should take the GRE in the next two months, because you're only going to get dumber.

PROFETTE: Another option a lot of graduates choose is working for a non-profit, which is the same as working in another business except that it's not for-profit work.

PROFETTE: Say you discover the joys of statistics.

PROFETTE: 20 years from now, presumably if Brown still exists, you can contact those professors -- if they're still alive --

PROFETTE: There's a reason your graduate student TAs look so unhappy. Undergrad is just a delightful bonbon-eating experience.

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