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Overheard at Brown is a blog that catalogues the crazy things that people at Brown University say. It is an homage, but not a relation, to Overheard in New York.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

ES42: Georgaphy

DRUNKETTE: Where is New Dorm?

--The Courtyard outside of Joes

Overheard by: XT

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The possibilities are endless....

DUDE: I have the best idea for a party....dress as your favorite crime!


Overheard by: A white collar criminal

TA20 Public Speaking

DITZ: I mean she was so like, um I dunno, so like um, ya know what I mean....articulate!


overheard by: Just passing through

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ES72 Environmental Science

CHICA: I don't understand why it is like 80 degrees in the sun and then cooler in the shade. I mean shouldn't it all mix and average out....it's all the same environment....right?

--Wriston Quad

overheard by: Sonny

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Welcome Back!

A new year has begun at Brown! You know what that means....lost freshman, crazy parties, professors who seem nice and easy until you hit the third class. Welcome back!

Overheard at Brown pays homage to the fabulous website, www.overheardinnewyork.com. I highly recommend paying a visit for hours and hours of procrastination. At http://overheardatbrown.blogspot.com you have the opportunity to observe and report the crazy stuff that comes out of the mouths of your fellow students. So, go ahead and open your ears and eavesdrop shamelessly, and then drop an e-mail to overheardatbrown@gmail.com.

When you submit a quote, Please provide these three things.
1. Your name or, even better, an alias so that you can be credited.
2. The location where the quote was heard

Happy Listening!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SO1 It Sucks To Be Me

DRUNKETTE #1 (to KID in window): Get off your computer!
DRUNKETTE #2: Yeah, it's Saturday night!
DRUNKETTE #2: Way to fry your brain!

--Brown & Meeting

That's all, folks!

OVERHEARD AT BROWN is closed for the summer. We hope you have enjoyed our good times! Congratulations to all the 2006 graduates and for the rest of you, keep talking at high volumes in public places.


Monday, May 29, 2006

LR101 Advanced Fiction Or Ideas For Chuck Palahniuk's Next Book

FRANTIC GUY: One second. I have to go to the bathroom. I just ate an entire container of Shanghai.
[He exits. 20 minutes later he walks out, saucily leans against the door, zips his pants, fastens his belt, chats to some giggly girls, and proceeds back in.]

--Absolute Quiet Room

overheard by: annoyed Rocker

Sunday, May 28, 2006

PS40 Thomas Friedman Has To Wear Diapers Too

SON OF SWEATSHOP: China freaks the shit outta me.


overheard by: Rory

Thursday, May 25, 2006

EN9 Marketing As Guerrilla Disguise Mechanism

CONFUSED GIRL: Is this the toaster?

--Ratty microwave counter

overheard by: The Don

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Couldn't Make Time for a Math Class at Brown, Eh?

DRUNK GUY (to his friends): What is GPA? I don't even know what an average is!

overheard by: epilo

Notes from Senior Week 2006

GIRL ON PHONE: No, it's not a French colony, but that's beside the point.

--Hope and John

DRUNK #1: President Simmons is my...
DRUNK #2: Mother!

--somewhere in Pawtucket

GIRL: And I got super sick, from eating.
GUY: What?!?

--Main Green

Saturday, May 20, 2006

CH35 I See Live People (Cells)

EGYPTOLOGY MAJOR: And then it dissapeared from the sarcophagus...
NON-PRE-MED: Wait, isn't that somewhere in the throat?

--Outside the Ratty

overheard by: The Don

Smartmovers, Bastion of Political Correctness

BOSS: No, seriously, you can't make sexual euphemisms about boxes while you're working-
BOSS: No, you can't. It would be like if you worked for a carpet company and made jokes about...

--Brown and George St.

overheard by: NK

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

AN40 People Are Funny Sometimes

SIR (walking past): Somebody's been stealing my mail!
LADY (at table): Nobody's been stealing your mail.

--mail room

Monday, May 15, 2006

ME199 Middle East Seminar For Getting Some Culture

TOOL WITH LAPTOP: And then I was like, do you even speak this language? First person singular!

-- Taste of India

overheard by: squeaky

EL16 Intro to Asking the What Now?

GIRL: Either she was crying or she was rocking the you-know-what hardcore...

--outside Keeney

overheard by: CS

Sunday, May 14, 2006

EL176.4 It's Becket's Birthday Somewhere

Two girls are speaking an unknown language.

GIRL #1: [Unknown unknown unknown] boyfriend [unknown]!
GIRL #2: [Unknown unknown].

--outside the Ratty

Thursday, May 11, 2006

SO45.2 Hereditary Titles For Fun And Profit

GUY: You're the fifth?
GIRL (indicating OTHER GUY): He's the fifth.

--outside the Ratty

PS110 Tell Me You Weren't Born In 1999

GUY #1: Who's that hottie?
GUY #2: Monica Lewinsky.
GUY #1: Uh...

--[Redacted] Dorm

overheard by: Anonymous

Monday, May 08, 2006

CS15 Physical Therapy Optional

STUDENT #1 (with overfilled backpack): Arrg. Why is my laptop so heavy?
STUDENT #2: It's the burden of technology.

--Hope College

overheard by: The Don

Sunday, May 07, 2006

MA9 Math Is Hard, Let's Go Eat

KID A: Eight hours?!?
KID B: Eight hours! I know!
KID A: That's like a day!

--Ivy Room

Something We All Love To Do (Besides Procrastinate)

KID: And the house, it smelled so clean, it smelled like laundry!

--outside Store 24

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Sure Hope She Meant Cake

GIRL (ominously): Just wait till five minutes from now when we get it all over your face.

--Brown St.

Why I Started This Site

GUEST: Are you a student at Brown?
GUEST: Can you help me? We used to own the house next door to this building, and it looks terrible. We had a lovely garden all the way around the house, all kinds of flowers, a little goldfish pond...
GUEST: I lived next door and we were always very respectful. We never hung our laundry outside... Not that anyone noticed.
GUEST: And now it looks like a commercial building! I know it is not supposed to look like this. Oh well. Thank you.
(GUEST leaves.)

10 minutes later, GUEST re-enters
GUEST: Do you have a picture of this building?

--NERDETTE's place of work

EL18 Intro to Nonfiction

BIKER: I really gotta play some more golf.

--Thayer and Meeting

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Made An Independent Concentration Of Awesome

FRIEND OF BEST BROWN STUDENT EVER: And then he went to, like, tutor Spanish children -- still trashed.

overheard by: Big D

MCM120 Cinema and Elective Surgery

PROF: Since Judy Garland is actually NOT a gay male...

--Barus & Holley

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AC151.78 Changing Notions of Beauty in American Culture

DRUNK GIRL: What a skank. And she looked so skanky! Sure she's got a nice body, but you see her face and you just think, 'Skank.'
MAYBE-NOT-AS-DRUNK GIRL: I think she's cute.
DRUNK GIRL: You're just a skank lover. I love the beauties, and you love the skanks.

--walking through Patriot's Court

overheard by: AC

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's Reading Period!

GIRL HAVING "PRIVATE" CELL PHONE CONVERSATION IN THE HALL: I forgot it existed! I was like, what can I do to procrastinate? and the I was like, whoa, AIM!


overheard by: Anonymous

If it's reading period, why do I still have work? For the love of Ruth, distract me by sending in your tips to overheardbrown AT gmail.com. Our president will thank you.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sorry, You Can't Get Bio Credit For That

BACKWARDS CAP GUY: You have two weeks of spring break? Fuckin' fatsos!

--the Gate

PH4 That's What Reading Week Is For

NERD: I often wonder what it would be like to see the physics and engineering departments in a battle royale.

--outside Macmillan